Review: EbookDroid – DJVU Reader for Android

1One of the greatest impacts Galaxy series and tablets had on my life was their portability especially in the book department. If you are somewhat of a nerd like me who loves to read different books or do advanced studies on the subject, you would know what I mean when I say this: Thank God I am rid of all those heavy books! I was never a fan of ebooks of PDF or DJVU format until I owned android devices myself.

The most common ebook format no wonder still is PDF and for that everyone uses Adobe Reader but every advanced reader knows that there are other formats out there which many electronic libraries use that can’t be opened by Adobe Reader. Among those DJVU is arguably the most famous one and it was my surprise when I couldn’t find a good open source DJVU reader. This was until I came across Ebook Droid on the Play Store.

Ebook Droid is no doubt an amazing reader for all ebooks. It currently supports PDF, DjVu, XPS (OpenXPS), Comic books (cbz,cbr) and FictionBook (fb2, formats which is more than what many other readers offer in the market. The whole thing is open sourced meaning you can change it to your own needs if you have the know how. One of the prime examples of this would be the “Chess Book Study” which allows you to study chess moves while practicing them on a mock board.

The app itself is regularly updated while its use allows for a smooth read. It gives you all the options you crave for in famous readers such as customizable bookmarks, highlighting etc. The app itself doesn’t make even the cheapest of android phones hang up like many other readers available on the Play Store.

Apart from everything the best thing about this reader is that it’s totally free. Yes, you have nothing to pay which is frankly one of the top reasons I use this app and not the “feature rich” readers on the Play Store.

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