Review: Paper Camera – App to make your snaps fun

unnamedSo there are a lot of camera apps right now available in the market that tends to give extra features to your smart phone and tablet devices. Many of you still question the need of that app, but for anyone who knows anything about photography the stock camera app is pretty crappy. If you do have your doubts, download a good camera app from the app store and just compare the results of the stock app with the custom one, your world will be blown.

Now, I really don’t see the need of comparing the current camera apps in the Android market to each other as almost all of them have something unique in them but there is one app that stuck out for me. Paper Camera is a camera app that basically made taking pictures quite a fun thing to do and that’s saying a lot especially for a person who doesn’t even use the camera of his smart phone much!

The app basically gives you a unique view into the world from your camera lens by applying your chosen filter on the images you snap. The filters currently available include sketching, bleaching, neon, comics etc. Now most of these effects can be applied quite easily in Photoshop after you snap a picture and that is where Paper Camera becomes quite different from all the other camera apps out there. This app doesn’t apply the effects by snapping a normal picture first. With Paper Camera you can simply waive your camera around and see the world on the screen of your smart phone or tablet change according to the filter you’ve chosen. In laymen terms, you can simply preview the filter change the world in real time.

The app also supports video capturing in the available filters. The video recording facility at this time is only available for selected devices though you can unable the unofficial video capturing but that is prone to crash the app or make the phone stuck. However more devices will soon be added to the list of supported devices.

For all of you who love to share pointless pictures on the internet with their friends and asking them to like, share and comment, the app has a built in sharing option for Facebook, Twitter and YouTube (again, the YouTube integration is available for only some of the devices).

I won’t say that this app is the best as there is certainly a lot of room for improvement as the app sometimes glitches up, or sometimes takes too long to respond to a click. Also for Samsung devices, you often can’t view the images you snap at once by jumping to the gallery which is quite a pain in the neck but the app is constantly improving with new updates trying to reduce these bugs.

Personally, I just love this app as it gives me quite a unique view into the world. I have spent literally hours just staring at the screen with the app open watching as the environment around me is molded into a page from a sketch book of an artist. It’s like the app designer just put all those pointless imaginations I had as a kid into reality. It’s the best $1.71 I spent on a camera app ever!

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