Review: Perfectly Clear updated, is now faster!

Some people don’t like fancy technological mumbo jumbo; some people just want their photos to look better. Perfectly Clear is an app made just for those people (and lazy ones like me too). This is a not a photo editor like Photoshop Touch, it is rather a photo correcting tool. I usually recommend this great app to anyone who is a little less educated in the field of photo editing, which now a days is quite a lot. I have, in my experience found that people tend to go for the easy stuff (duh!), and that is why Perfectly Clear is perfectly suitable for those chaps.

perfectly clear

You just have to take a photo with Perfectly Clear or import an existing one, and you are ready to roll. Simplistic options allow you to correct different aspects of the image you took. The fix button lets you auto fix the whole image and it is indeed effective. Fix dark icon adjusts brightness; Fix Tint does exactly what the name says. Beautify is perhaps the most impressive option available, it soothes out skin tones, hides blemishes and even whiten your teeth (not that they need whitening). That’s not all, if you fancy tweaking with the options in depth, there is a conveniently named Tweak button which allows you to access many options. Simple sliders can be adjusted to reach a desirable point and after that you just have to hit save. While the actual “fixing” is done quite fast, the saving takes a little time.perfectly clear

The update brings further enhancements like the updated GUI and faster processing. Perfectly Clear can now be used offline too, making this a very convenient app to have. We recommend Perfectly Clear to anyone who loves to fine tune taken pictures, whether you are an expert or a newbie, you will love Perfectly Clear. Just so we are perfectly clear, we want you to get Perfectly Clear.

Google Play Link: Perfectly Clear

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