Review: Pimp my Rom for Android

pimp my romRemember ROM Toolbox Lite I reviewed a couple of days ago? Pimp my Rom is a higher horse-powered version that packs a lot more power. It is more tailored to those who want to get the most possible out of Android. Let’s jump right into the overview and review!







pimp my rom


The tools sections includes a lot of handy things for those who might just be getting started in exploring custom ROMs or even just root access. My favorite is the ability to download a flashable rescue package with your kernel, should you run into a problem such as a bootloop when applying tweaks. This is nice because instead of needing to backup a whole kernel and go through the process of trying to get into Recovery, you can just flash the rescue package with something like Odin. That would save a ton of time and frustration.

Dual Boot

Pimp my Rom allows for dual boot, and I love this. There may be some day where I need to check out something (such as a new proprietary feature) in my factory firmware. I can easily set up dual boot so I can boot into that kernel when needed.

Lock App in Memory

If you have an app that you don’t want to be killed by low memory, there is a tool to do that.

pimp my rom


For the people out there who like making their ROM super efficient  you’ll be able to do that with all the tweaks that are available in Pimp my Rom. Just so you know, some of the tweaks get so specific that if you don’t know what you’re doing, you WILL screw up your phone and need that recovery package.







pimp my rom

Apps & Mods

This menu is semi specific, but one thing that some of you may like is the ability to block ad hosts in Pimp my Rom. If you hate seeing ads, you should be able to get rid of most of them with the built in blocker. For some odd reason, Pimp my Rom also includes Beats Audio, Bravia Engine, Sony xLoud Enhancement, Sony Album, and OpenVPN support. All of these mods in Pimp my Rom are downloadable and installed via your recovery kernel.

Sony xLoud Enhancement

Since I listen to a lot of music in my car off of my phone via Spotify, and I tend to stream the audio into my car stereo via a direct cable rather than Bluetooth, this seemed like a good mod for me to try out. I installed it and while there is no way to actually manage it, I did notice a considerable difference in the audio quality. Beats Audio does allow management via the DSP manager.




pimp my rom


This menu allows you to add the Pimped customization including a build description, boot-animation, and wallpapers.


Overall, I’m pleased with Pimp my Rom. The app has the perfect combination of features, mods, and tweaks. My only real complaint is that you will find yourself rebooting a lot. To install the Sony xLoud mod, I had to reboot 3 times. Once to get into recovery to flash, once to get back into my kernel, and then once more to actually turn it on. That seems a little bit excessive, but you tend to reboot a lot when doing mods so it’s semi understandable.

Even though we share the name and the quality of awesome content within, we have nothing to do with each other within.

Other than that, I love this app and highly recommend it!

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