Review: Shoot Many Robots comes to Android

Shoot Many Robots

We are great fans of Shoot Many Robots on the Xbox and Steam. The game was homage to the old school double player shooters like Contra and provided with ample opportunities of fun. The major charm of Shoot Many Robots on PC and consoles was the ability to find random loot and upgrade your characters as you progress. Alas Shoot Many Robots on Android, although being a fairly amazing game, doesn’t live up to the expectations we had from the franchise.

Don’t take me the wrong way, Shoot Many Robots is still a very addictive game but if you were looking for the same console experience on your Android smartphone, well you are out of luck. The game plays like countless other endless runners available on the Google Play store but it adds a larger emphasis on shooting things. The name of the game is quite self-explanatory; you are a guy who has to shoot many robots, evil pesky robots that is. The game casts you as an unmemorable cowboy who likes to run and gun robots, while running he can jump, shoot and change lanes. Think Temple Run but instead of a third person view, you are running to the side.

The graphics are very interesting, a fine mix between cell-shaded ones and regular ones. The result is quite pleasing on the eyes, although we would have like a little less brown. You run and collect bolts which will later use to purchase gear, hats, guns etc. The major beef with the game we have is that the hates are only available for 24 hours; also the guns you “purchase” are not equipped. You will always have a pistol in hand while the “purchased” guns will randomly show up in crates which you will still have to bash in order to get the gun. Although the game is free and ads are the necessary evil, Shoot Many Robots at least doesn’t pop them during gameplay. All in all Shoot Many Robots is a fun and additive game, and is recommended to all who are fans of endless runners.

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