Review: The Allied WW2 Normandy invasion comes alive with Frontline Commando:D-Day for Android

FC D-Day ThumbGlu Mobile has released their newest title Frontline Commando: D-Day for Android and iOS platforms. They have released it as a free download with additional in-app purchases. Considering their earlier well received titles like Gun Bros, Samurai vs. Zombies or Dragon Storm – to name a few, Glu Mobile certainly seems to be the lead player in ‘freemium’ 3D games for the mobile environment.

Frontline Commando: D-Day is essentially the next installment to Glu’s earlier title – Frontline Commando. However, in the latest game the developers have based the storyline on the largest Allied invasion of World War 2 – the Normandy invasion to save France from the clutches of the occupation forces. Considering the fact that nowadays we seldom get to see third person shooters which are WW2 based – what with numerous sci-fi and modern-day conflicts being prevalent, Frontline Commando: D-Day is a breath of fresh air, not to mention the thrill of re-living history.

Frontline Commando: D-Day’ game-play comprises of some truly stunning console quality visuals, precision controls, enhanced physics, amazingly destructible environments and fantastic voice-overs. What you get is a cool 3rd person shooter, where the characters move from one point to another in each level, putting to waste all the enemies in that area, and thus progressing to the next – let’s say check-point. You receive rewards on clearing each level comprised of multiple such check-points. The challenges per level could be anything from a time-based completion challenge, or achieving a certain head-shot count. The rewards or stars that the player gathers per level, can be used to either unlock new missions or campaigns and/or other bonuses.

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Frontline Commando:D-Day’ gaming controls comprise of a combo of virtual buttons, along with target acquisition with a dragging motion. Player movement is accomplished by on-screen buttons, whether it is a shoot action or a taking cover one. As seen in some of the other games, the shoot button happens to be on the rather convenient lower-right corner, with the ‘scope’ button on the lower-left giving you zoom control. As and when necessary, some other buttons like those for manning stationary guns or switching to bazookas, will keep popping up. There are so called ‘cover spots’ – similar to some of the ‘hunting titles’, that do take the thrill away from a true blue third person shooter experience, as they are in a sense restrictive to the player having to just worry about aiming and firing. Mind you, in spite of the decent tutorial introduction to the newbie shooter, touch screen controls can get a little dicey for those used to a game-pad or PC-based gaming environment.

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Players blast through 5 individual campaigns with up to 145 separate missions, themed on the actual Normandy beach landings from history, as we know it.  They will get to smash up occupation force’s tanks and other artillery to allow allied forces to move forward into occupied territory. Throughout the campaign, they will dismantle fortified posts with a stationary gun or steer anti-aircraft guns to bring down bombers.

Players earn so called ‘soft currency’ as they progress, which can be utilized to acquire/unlock superior equipment or upgrades from the in-game shop. There will be situations in the game wherein a player will be coerced – at times compelled, to unlock/acquire more powerful equipment using ‘real currency’ through in-app purchases. Its quite likely that self-restraint might not always be possible for the avid gamer, when it comes to advancing through the game, as he confronts increasingly difficult situations.

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In a nutshell, Frontline Commando: D-Day, is definitely one of the more graphically-impressive 3D shooters on the mobile platform. As with many freemium products, the ‘spend to succeed’ strategy may somewhat restrict its mass appeal. But hey, we did say that about some of the other Glu Mobile and other freemium games too! Hence, there is no reason, why this title cannot be the next gem in the already glittering Glu Mobile crown!

Here’s the trailer –

Download Frontline Commando:D-Day here.

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