Review: WeatherBug Elite

unnamedNature is a cruel mistress with it’s wrath often costing quite a trouble for us mere mortals. No, this isn’t some drama class but in fact it’s my idea of a classic build up for an app that many of you may find pretty useless. An app for checking the weather! Sure, many of you may have no need or would laugh at the idea of downloading a separate app for telling you what kind of weather you’re going to face but for those of you who live in extreme and uncertain weather conditions, weather apps are somewhat of a necessity of life.

WeatherBug Elite is such a weather app. Rated among the top weather apps on Google Play Store, the app runs on almost all tablets and android smart phones (low to high end). This makes it quite a good catch for people who are concerned about the weather no matter what smart phone they own.

The app has a simple enough GUI with a very small learning curve. You can virtually learn the insides of the app in minutes and use it to learn about the weather updates in any part of the world at any given time. The most wonderful thing about the app is its ability to tell you about severe weather alerts almost 50% faster than other weather apps available in the market. It also has a lifestyle forecast system that can advise you on different day to day activities by analyzing the weather updates such as whether you should go to play golf tomorrow or cancel your picnic or not.

For all of you who love chasing storms, the app can also act as your personal lightning detector giving you the Spark lightning strike alerts, in real-time, for your exact GPS location. Which is something quite interesting for many storm chasing photographers, looking for that epic lightning shot.

The app also provides you a wide variety of maps for an accurate reading of the weather (if you know how to use the displayed maps that is). This weather app has the ability to show you maps of Doppler radar, lightning strikes, alert vector polygons, humidity, pressure, wind speed, high/low forecast, traffic, satellite imaging etc.

If this wasn’t enough, my favorite thing about this app is the live weather shots! Yes, it allows you to view live weather shots by utilizing over 2000 weather cameras based all around US. Also it has the ability to push notifications of severe weather alerts for US based citizens.

The app can also integrate quite well with your Facebook and Twitter account, allowing you to share weather alerts to your loved ones if necessary.

In my view, this app is well worth the $1.99 Elite version if you wish. There however is a free version of the app with slightly less features available on the PlayStore, which can give you quite a good idea about the power of this weather app. My advice for all of you living in uncertain weather areas, this app is worth the download!

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