Rumor Has It – 1080p Sony Yuga Phone

1080p sony yuga phoneAccording to the rumor mill, 2012 could be the year for 1080p phones at CES. Here’s another potential one to add to the list. This apparently leaked photo shows a 5 inch, 1080p Sony Yuga Phone. This leaked photo comes from swiss Android site Android Schweiz. The site claims that this phone will have a 1.5GHz quad core, most likely a snapdragon S4, 2GB of RAM, 12MP camera, and that magical 5-inch 1080p display.

This leaked image of the 1080p Sony Yuga phone looks a lot like some of the Motorola designs on the face. The prototype is allegedly running Android 4.1.1 which is pretty good right now, but by the time CES hits we could have a lot of Android devices turned over to 4.2 with CyanogenMod, it’s hard to say. Sony tends to release new phones around the time of CES, so we’ll keep you tuned in and see what happens.

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