Root Transmission – Root other devices using your phone!

Root Transmission: the ONLY app that allows you to root other phones straight from your own device!

This app is a pleasant, easy way to root other phones while away from your computer! Just two buttons, Root and Unroot! Connect the cable and root away! It couldn’t be simpler!

Even has its own terminal window so you can see exactly what’s going on while your phone does its thing!

You will need a ROOTED device capable of USB hosting (USB On The Go), a USB OTG cable and one-click root scripts for the devices you wish to root.

Scripts and their associated files should be placed in /sdcard/RootTransmission/*devicename*/*version*/, otherwise it will not be available for use. *devicename* and *version* can be whatever you want. The script to be executed should have the name “”.
Note that this is an UNSTABLE version, and you use this app at your own risk. Occasional force closes are to be expected (though they will most likely not break the phone you are trying to root). Incorrectly written scripts can permanently damage or brick both devices involved, so only use trusted 3rd party root scripts and at your own risk.

Update: Not available on the Play Store anymore

Please do not mirror this apk, it is to be downloaded exclusively through the Play Store or from XDA-Developers.

The two file attachments are available from the link below. They are zip files needed to root a Verizon Galaxy S3 (SCH-I535), extract it to /sdcard/RootTransmission/ to use.
Note that since I only have one USB host-capable device (my own S3), no warranty is provided over the functionality of this zip since I am unable to fully test it. (It is a repackaged version of the DebugFS one-click root found at….php?t=1883984 and thus will only work if the device to be rooted is running ICS, which shouldn’t be a problem as of yet.)

Again, this is an unstable test version. It should mostly work, but no guarantees on its functionality.

Link to the two files needed:



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