Rumor: AT&T dropping HTC First aka Facebook Phone


Yesterday, Phone Arena reported that AT&T might have just sold 10,000 units of the HTC First. Today a new rumor is circulating that the carrier will stop offering the HTC First and the remaining stock will be sent back to HTC. The HTC First is an OK phone but like I have previously stated, it is relatively expensive and has mid ranged specs which were outdated as soon as the phone was release. Apart from that the HTC First also comes with Facebook Home preinstalled on it, which is basically a Facebook themed Android launcher.

Although AT&T also realized that charging $99 for a mid-ranged smartphone is not the smart and started offering the phone for 99 cent, the sales continue to drop drastically. Despite the large price cut, HTC First failed to capture the targeted audience which was thought to be mad about the social network. Just like I stated in my previous articles, the HTC First is a pointless and overpriced device and Facebook Home is also a lackluster launcher, it seems that the general public also has the same opinion.

The HTC First would have seen better sales if it were a better phone. And it seems that the CEO of HTC and Facebook though that there is already preinstalled fan base and dove in to cash the money. But the thing is although many of us use Facebook daily, we don’t want to do anything with it after we log off. Who wants to see what their friends are eating and where they are eating every second of the day? Furthermore not many people have unlimited data plans, and using a static launcher which is useless offline is not what many would consider amazing. That is exactly why the Facebook Home app is continuously getting 1 star rating on Google Play store. Better luck next time HTC and Facebook, although we recommend you wait a while before releasing the HTC Second.

Source: Phone Arena

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