Rumor: Google is working on their own Android Gaming Console

android_games-100033844-galleryLatest news coming from the Wall Street Journal state that the internet giants and the founder of the Android OS, Google are working on their own version of an Android powered gaming console.

Yes, apparently Google is not only keeping a keen eye on the $99 Android powered console OUYA, which was just released this week, they are also planning on releasing their own version of an Android powered gaming console later this year as well. The report also goes on to add that Google will also launch a smart wristwatch with the console that will attempt to compete with similar devices that Apple might introduce in the future as a part of their TV products range.

Now, I know the mere idea of an Android powered console developed by Google is just amazing. We are after all talking about a company that developed the Android OS along with amazing devices such as the Nexus devices. So, I think it will be a very safe bet to assume that if Google does manage to release a gaming console it will not only be a piece of art but it just might as well go head to head with current gaming consoles such as the Play Station 4 and Xbox One (I would have loved to include Nintendo Wii U here as well, but seriously who are we kidding?).

With this bit of news, I really believe that Android gaming will be pushed to a whole new level. We already saw how OUYA managed to sell out completely on Amazon a week prior to its release and how much hype NVIDIA’s Project Shield managed to create in CES 2013. Now, with Google also deciding to join the party, I really think it will be due time that companies like Microsoft and Sony will start taking Android gaming more seriously.

Google and Apple both have declined to make any comments about this rumor as of this moment.

Source: Wall Street Journal

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