Rumor Has It – 128GB Sony Yuga


Image Courtesy of kitten’s-arse

I was thinking of giving this blog post a more creative title, until I realized the scale of this rumor. There is now speculation that the 1080p Sony Yuga we covered just yesterday could also now be a 128GB Sony Yuga. I personally originally thought that this was going to include SSD technology for the storage, until I realized that you could just take two 64GB microSD cards and link them together in some sort of RAID configuration.

We don’t have any confirmed information on just how exactly this storage will be achieved, so all we can do is guess. I’m going to say that it’s probably going to be SSD technology, especially since the prices have gone down pretty significantly. However, on a phone, the difference between the highest class MicroSD card and an SSD probably isn’t that significant, either way we do know that the 128GB Sony Yuga will include the following:

1080p Screen
3000 MaH battery
Quad Core Processor

It’s pretty easy to say that this phone is going to happen, but you can never 100% tell. Would you buy a phone with 128GB of internal storage? Do you even think you would use it all?

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