Rumor Has It: Foxconn Manufacturing Amazon Smartphone

amazon-smartphoneEver since (and even possibly before) Amazon started making tablets, there has been talk about a possible Amazon Smartphone. In my honest opinion, I don’t think there is really room for another smartphone manufacturer, but I’ll leave that up to the numbers to decide.

There is a new article from Taiwan Ecomonic News reporting that Foxconn will be making the Amazon smartphone. Foxconn is expected to ship 5 million units later in the year. A report from Foxconn can pretty easily confirm that some sort of Amazon smartphone is in the works, assuming that the Taiwan Economic News is legitimate.

Based on the success of the Kindle Fire as far as sales, I think an Amazon Smartphone would sell well simply because we know it will be cheap. Amazon could price it at $200 or even $100 to compete with everyone, even the iPhone. Carriers could subsidize the cost for a contract, and end up selling the phone for $50.

Also in other news, there is supposed to be a next-generation Kindle Fire being debuted third-quarter of 2013. If this is true, it would indicate that Amazon is doing fairly well with their Kindle Fire lineup.



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