Rumor Has It – Google Branded Chromebook in 2013


Image courtesy of proforged

Let’s face it, Google is starting to come out with a lot of products that have their stamp on them, however, they aren’t fully Google branded. The tablets are Asus, the phones are LG, the Chromebooks are Samsung. There hasn’t been a device (I know about) from Google that has hit the mainstream market that was fully Google branded.

There are now rumors that Google may have plans for a Google branded Chromebook in 2013. A China Times report claims that Google has approached Compal Electronics and Wintek to handle the hardware side of things, it’s said to be a 12.83 inch device with touch based input.

That small bit of information makes it pretty hard to say what the device will actually be. 12.85-inch would mean an advertised 13″ screen, which is as we all know, the smallest standard notebook size, and it’s pretty small. Touch based input could just mean a touchscreen, or it could mean dual displays, one being the screen and the other one being modular, able to be used as a touch keyboard or a whole other display. Because this would be fully Google branded, Google would most likely be able to offer an even more competitive price than before.

It’s going to be exciting to see if this Google branded Chromebook happens in 2013. We will keep you updated as we get more news, so stay tuned!

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