Rumor Has It – Google Wireless Coming Soon


Image Courtesy of Comicbase

There has been plenty of talk in the past about Google starting their own cellular service to compete with the other major carriers. I really don’t blame them, they have the money, the time, and no reason not to. Also, as open source as Google is, it makes perfect sense that they would want to have their own cell phone service. Android is limited to what features and functionality each individual character allows.

Google is supposedly going to partner with Dish Network to create their own wireless provider. This is perfect for Google because now they will be a full fledged service provider offering Google Fiber and whatever their wireless service will be. They will be able to bundle.

9t05Google claims that we could see the service by Mid 2013. Also, being Google, everything will be data-only, which should in theory mean unlimited data. This is similar to hybrid wireless service Republic Wireless which when on WiFi can do calling and SMS through some sort of wacky VoIP system.

If Google Wireless does happen, the other carriers better start offering unlimited data at a low cost, or pay the price very quickly. A Google Wireless service would happen even quicker than Google Fiber simply because they are partnering with an already existing service provider. Yes, they don’t have cell phone towers, but they do have the knowledge and man power to build a large national network.

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