Rumor Has It – Huawei 5 Inch 1080p D2 at CES

huawei 5 inch phoneIn the US, Huawei is typically known for their lower priced budget Android devices. They typically don’t have the latest and greatest designs, hardware, or specs. CES tends to be the time for a lot smaller companies to make their mark and rise a little bit above the competition in some cases. Don’t be surprised if you see a Huawei 5 inch phone at CES this year. There’s not much known about the device itself, but Richard Yu has confirmed that the Chinese OEM will be launching the D2 at CES next month.

What Are the Specs?

According to the TENAA database, it will have a 1920 x 1080 screen, a 2900mAH battery (very good!), a 1.5Ghz quad core chip, 2GB or RAM, and Android 4.1. Some photos do show the device running Windows Phone 8. Richard Yu has expressed concerns that the specifications would cause the cost of the device to be too high. I really don’t know about that. In comparison to the Galaxy S3, these specs do include a higher resolution screen, a bigger battery (800mAh higher), faster processor depending on how you look at it, but less RAM. There is a chance that because of the higher battery life and better screen, the device could end up costing more on the retail side of things. However, carriers are very good at subsidizing in return for a two year agreement. So whether or not the device will end up costing more will only be known once the device has been seen at CES and is picked up by retailers (if it happens).

So Is It Possible?

Is a Huawei 5 inch phone possible? Yes, yes it is. If the company wants to build their brand even further, then they will have no problem doing that with this phone. The 2900mAh battery is comparable to that of what you would find in a phone with an extended battery, and those often become super bulky. The RAM is a little bit less than what it should be, so hopefully they can increase that before final release. In this photo you see an Android device, but in other photos we’ve seen a Windows Phone 8 device. Obviously if the device is Android it will be more popular. Windows Phone 8 is a great operating system, but there’s not as many apps, which tends to scare a lot of people away.

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