Rumor Has It: Polaroid Android Powered Camera

polaroid-android-cameraWell well well… It seems that Samsung’s idea of an Android powered camera isn’t that stupid after all, in fact  the idea is so good that there are now rumors of a possible Polaroid Android powered camera.

I still think that an Android powered camera is a waste of money, unless you’re an Instagram fanatic. Also, it’s just another thing to add to your cell phone plan, because in my opinion the only reason you would need an Android powered camera is to be able to upload photos instantly directly from your camera, and if you feel the need to be doing that, you shouldn’t be buying anything other than a smartphone, however that’s just my opinion,

On the flip-side, an Android Powered camera would allow you to make use of some of the premium camera applications such as ProCapture, and also, it saves a ton of money for the camera manufacturer because they wouldn’t have to nescessarily do much in the area of software development for the device if they use Android. All they would have to do is take thew Android source code and develop their own port to meet the hardware, screen, etc.

Enough talk, let’s hear the rumor

A Polaroid Android powered camera could be coming soon according to the photo above which looks pretty legit. It looks like Android powered cameras are going to be the next greatest thing in an attempt to keep point and shoots alive. The Polaroid Android powered camera is rumored to have an 18.1mp sensor, pop up flash, a 3.5″ display (important for Android) and Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, which is a little bit behind, but what do you expect? It’s a point and shoot…

Something else to note, the camera is planned to have interchangeable lenses, which will be another plus side. I’m not sure how the Android point and shoot phenomenon is really going to continue, but it’s nice to see that they are atleast trying to keep point and shoots alive. They do sometimes have better picture quality than your average Android device because of a bigger sensor and lens, and having Android might be that extra push they need to get people to carry then around when they already have one functional camera in their pocket.

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