Rumor has it – Sony Yuga may be released as the Xperia Z, along with the Xperia X formerly codenamed Odin

YugaWell, well, well!  That awesome looking 5-inch 1080p display beast codenamed the Xperia Yuga, which showed up in its full glory, with pictures and a detailed review at Mobile Review, a Russian website,could finally have an official name. Word has it that what we have come to know as the Sony Xperia Yuga will officially be released as the Xperia Z.

The Sony Yuga, oh sorry, Xperia Z C660X is perhaps one of the most interesting looking 5-inch Full HD devices to have been talked about in recent times. Sure, the 1080p phone space has been suddenly getting crowded with everyone worth their salt in the handset manufacturing business wanting to put out one of their own.

But then Sony handsets have always been a work of art, although the same cannot be said of Sony’s software update schedules. But all that could well change in 2013.

Specs known so far, and again, these are all still rumored or speculated, with some deduced from various benchmark results and so-called leaks, and nary an official comment insofar from Sony, are more than impressive. The phone sports a 5″ Full HD display, a 12 MP Exmor RS sensor, 2 GB of RAM, a quad-core Snapdragon S4 Pro chipset with LTE radio, and a full complement of ports, including a microSD slot for memory expansion.

Add to this its waterproof certification for the slim and light body (final dimensions reportedly at 139 x 71 x 7.9mm), and the eventual Xperia Z will give any Android superphone out there a serious complex.

Sony is also expected to unveil another new device alongside the Xperia Z. Like the Sony Yuga, this fella has also been known in the Android rumor mills only by a code name – Odin model numbered C650X. Word out there is that the Yuga and the Odin are more or less identical, except for a few minor differences in design, with one of them headed stateside, while the other meant to be offered in other markets- likely an International version. Sony seems to prefer this twin-version philosophy as is evident from the recently released Sony Xperia T a.k.a the Bond Phone and it’s variant the Xperia TX. Specs wise, the Xperia X will pack the same muscle as the Xperia Z, and both phones will roll with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean out of the box.

The Sony Xperia X and Xperia Z are both expected to be announced during CES 2013, which is scheduled to begin on January 8. Sony is still tight-lipped about the whole thing, and I would like to reiterate that all of this information is still rumored and is to be taken with a pinch of salt, albeit a tiny one considering the details known until now cannot exactly be considered sketchy.

With an OEM like Sony now poised to take the fight to the big guns, with super products like what we we are likely to see in a couple of weeks, and others putting their best foot forward too, 2013 seems to be fast becoming a year where we may see increased competition in the market, and consequently more innovative and feature packed products with hopefully more competitive pricing.

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