Rumor: Key Lime Pie might be delayed

google_io_2013_logo_regWell, we are nearing May and that only means the days till Google comes out with new toys and goodies for us to play with, draws closer. Yes, I am talking about Google I/O event being held on May 15 to May 17. The event already has a lot of rumors attached to it such as the revealing of the alleged X Phone by Motorola, a new Nexus 7 tablet and improvements in the Nexus 4 etc. However, the one rumor that out shines all of the above is the rumor of the next version of Android, Key Lime Pie that might be revealed by Google in the I/O event.

For all of you who remember, Key Lime Pie or Android 5.0 will be the successor to Android 4.2 and will bring many new and what are rumored to be simply amazing features to Android devices. In fact, the new Android version was believed to see its launch on improved Nexus 7 devices that are also supposed to be released in the event.

Alas, all of this is nothing but a rumor, for details emerging today about the Google I/O event by Gadgetronica suggest that Google may not announce Key Lime Pie for at least a couple of more months. The reason according to the publishers of the report is so that Google’s partners can spend some more time with the software. Also, this delay will give OEM’s more time to push out the already released, Android 4.1 and Android 4.2 build update to their previous devices as well.

I know we are kind of squashing a rumor on the basis of another one but according to the reasons given by Gadgetronica, this does seem highly likely. No matter what actually happens in the Google I/O, it’s our job to keep you updated with every rumor and news that pops up in the Android world, unlikely as it may be. Guess we only have to look forward to the rumored release of a new Nexus 7 tablet along with a 32 GB version of the Nexus 4.

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