Rumor Has It – Panasonic Could Be Entering the Smartphone Market

panasonic 1080p smartphone

Coverage: Panasonic P-02E Smartphone Confirmed

There could be a Panasonic 1080p smartphone coming our way. Panasonic is a company that is known mainly for their high end cameras and military grade notebook computers, but it looks as if they might be entering the smartphone market more in the US. Samsung, HTC, and Motorola are the big guys right now, could there be room for someone else? Does Panasonic stand a chance? What can we expect from a Panasonic 1080p smartphone?

This screenshot clearly shows a Panasonic P-02 with a 1080×1920 screen, meaning 1080p. There are rumors that the screen will be 5 inch, and include characteristics such as a thin chassis, water-proof-elements, and a sleek design. With the good designs of other Panasonic products, I wouldn’t doubt that all of these factors will be filled to their¬†entirety.¬†With Panasonic’s strong line of cameras, there is speculation that they could possibly put a 13 megapixel camera in such a new phone.

We will continue to follow this up, there is likely to be more information at CES, so stay tuned!


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