Rumors: Road map for Releasing Android 6.0 on HTC Devices


HTC has been fighting an uphill battle for the most part of this year. With their market shares plummeting, failed product launches and rumors of them declaring bankruptcy running rampant, it seems like the only good news to come out from their HQ is the possible leak of the road map for releasing Android 6.0 with a newer version of HTC’s signature Sense ROM over the first two quarters of 2016.

The road map was leaked by a Twitter source by the name of  @LlabTooFer and as a result does look a bit sketchy. However, the source has managed to leak some good news in the past meaning for all intents and purposes, this just might be the real deal, which is why we are going to analyze it in a bit more detail than usual.

The plan hypothesizes that while devices like HTC M9 will soon see the Android 6.0 update with Sense 7.0+, there are other devices which just might not be so lucky. The most noteworthy of which has to be the HTC M7, which for those of you who don’t remember was the original HTC One. The end of life sentence does raise a few questions as the device is definitely more than capable of running the firmware but then again this won’t be the first time a company will try to cut costs by skipping out on updates for a two year old flagship. Yes, I am talking to you Samsung!

LlabTooFer does mention that this map is not final in any case and the updates may be delayed or cancelled due to certain reasons. He also does mention that all Dual SIM variants will recieve the updates 2-3 months after the single SIM variants which isn’t really something new.

The important thing to remember is to take this news with a grain of salt as no official word about the Android 6.0 update has been released from HTC and this is just a compilation of various rumors!

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