Samsung Galaxy Note 2 PINK is here!

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 PINKHere it is the obligatory Samsung Galaxy Note 2 PINK, which many of you have been desperately waiting for. Samsung always comes through for the Valentine’s Day; this company does care a lot for its customers. Previously we have seen a Pink Galaxy S2 and there was a “shocking” pink version of the Original Galaxy Note. Then we encountered the Martian pink Galaxy S3, released pre emotively back in September.

And now all the lovers can get a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 PINK (yeah I’m using upper case for pink here). Samsung Galaxy Note 2 PINK, make a statement this Valentine’s day and blow away everyone. Samsung Galaxy Note 2 PINK is sure to get you much needed attention. The rose tinted smartphone has appeared on the Taiwanese site of the Korean manufacturer, and it is standing with the usual white and grey versions of the smartphone. Finally Ron and Harry can play with Hermione. The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 PINK also comes with the equally pink S-Pen, making it more appropriately cute.

There is no information regarding the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 PINK releasing in any other region though. But as we have seen the Galaxy S2 and Galaxy Note come to Europe eventually, so there is a slight chance that this one will come too.

Source: Samsung Taiwan

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