Samsung Galaxy S2 Plus on its way!

galaxy-s2plusWith the huge amount of success the original Galaxy S2 has, it was only logical that Samsung might think of doing another version called Galaxy S2 Plus probably. Samsung was always in the shadow of other cell phone giants; first it was Nokia which dominated the smartphone world. And in the newly dawned Android era HTC was the top player, leaving Samsung siting in the back seat. It was not until the release of Galaxy S2 that Samsung kicked the top gear and turn the fates around. Now Samsung is one of the largest smartphone brands in the world, even pushing aside Nokia from the throne this year.

Back in August there were unconfirmed reports circulating about Samsung having another go at Galaxy S2 and releasing the Galaxy S2 Plus. The Galaxy S2 Plus gained our attention but soon was chalked away as a baseless rumor. Now we are back at square one as some websites are reporting that the Galaxy S2 Plus is indeed on its way. Reports indicate that Samsung is prepping 2 variants of Galaxy S2 Plus; GT-i9105 and GT-i9105P. Not much is known about the shapes and designs of the smartphones though, but we have news that the internal specs would remain almost the same.

Of those you are not intimately familiar with the Galaxy S2 specs; The Galaxy S2 Plus will have the same minus the inclusion of NFC. A 4.3 inch 800x 480 resolution screen, 8 GB on board memory, 8MP camera and an underwhelming 1,650 mAh battery. This whole electronic ordeal will run with the grunt of a 1 GHz processor. The Galaxy S2 Plus will be running Android version 4.1 which may be upgradable. The device might be available around late January to February, but we won’t be betting on it. More information will only be revealed by Samsung itself. Who know we might get to play a little with Galaxy S2 Plus on CES 2013 or MWC.

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