Samsung Galaxy S5 reaches 300,000 pre-registrations

Samsung Galaxy S5

T-Mobile played a clever move when they open up their “pre-registration” for the Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone. The new service of pre-registration was up and running almost after the smartphone was announced. T-Mobile seems to have banked a lot of information about potential clients as the number hits 300,000. Let’s be clear here, these are not pre-orders or anything this is just a pre-registration which will alert the users as soon as the smartphone becomes available at T-Mobile.

The Samsung GalaxS5 failed to impress us with its kind of stupid looking back which will surely be a home of dirt and grime. While Samsung did upgrade many of the smartphone’s internal specs we hardly see any incentive to jump for upgrade. Even if you own a Samsung Galaxy S3 there is not a leap of user end performance you will see when you get the Samsung Galaxy S5.

Samsung Galaxy S5

Regardless of what we think about the latest flagship smartphone from the Korean manufacturer, 300,000 people seem to be interested in what T-Mobile has to give. T-Mobile is gloating over the fact that there was a great turn out for their service but to be honest we will have to wait and see how many of these pre-registered people convert into sales.  Those who are due for an upgrade will definitely be looking to get their hands on the latest smartphone and it will be amazing for them. But many might just be registering because there is a chance they will win the smartphone for free.

We are keeping a close eye on the Samsung Galaxy S5 and potential carriers in Europe and USA and will report as soon as there is an official announcement from any of them. Until then we recommend that you also register on the pre-registration thingy, who knows you may actually win a free smartphone.

Source: Android Central

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