Samsung Galaxy S5 to have 5.25” QHD display?


The rumor mill is back in the business again as we are hearing new ones regarding Samsung Galaxy S5. The Samsung Galaxy S5 is coming and we all know it, but what we don’t know is what it will bring. There were rumors that the smartphone might come with a curved screen. As we know Samsung, this will not be happening anytime soon. The Samsung Galaxy S5 will not have a curved screen because Samsung believe in making new smartphone lines. We are predicting that the curved screen line will launched in the summer slate when there are no new Samsung smartphones in the market.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 however will have a high resolution screen, if the rumors are to be believed. This latest rumor is kind of believable because another manufacturer already have a very high resolution smartphone out. The latest rumor states that the Samsung Galaxy S5 will ship with a QHD screen with the resolution of  2560 x 1440 pixels. There are a lot of pixels for a smartphone which has a 5.25 inch screen. This will result in an astounding 559.47 pixel density. Samsung Galaxy S5 will become one of the smartphones to have an amazingly sharp and detailed display.

So where did we get wind of this latest Samsung Galaxy S5 rumor. Well Samsung has recently commissioned a lot of QHD screens which will use diamond-like PenTile pixel arrangement. The size of the screens is said to be 5.25 inches. So naturally we are jumping to the conclusion that Samsung will use this screen on the next Galaxy smartphone. The Samsung Galaxy S5 might be a few months away but we are already speculating on what it will bring. This is the power which the Korean company holds over the Android market. We will keep you posted but remember these are only rumors.

Source: Phone Arena

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