Samsung Galaxy SV rumor round up

Samsung Galaxy SV

Now that the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is out of the way, it is time to focus on what is next from our beloved manufacturer, the Samsung Galaxy SV. The Samsung Galaxy SV might be a way down the line but this will not stop us from rumor-indulging and gossiping about it. The Samsung Galaxy SV is inevitable this much is confirmed but what we don’t know is how will the smartphone look like or what will be inside. There were several rumors out in the last few weeks but they seemed more like speculation rather than spicy rumors. Today we have received some very good rumors which are shareable with you guys.

First off the Samsung Galaxy SV is rumored to hit production in January and will have two versions. One will be the regular plastic one and the other will be a premium metal one. This will satisfy those who always based Samsung for using cheap materials for their smartphones. The Samsung Galaxy SV is also rumored to have a 64 bit processor, likely to be the Exynos Octa. This means that the Samsung Galaxy SV will be aping the iPhone once again.

Samsung Galaxy SV

The battery is supposed to be a huge 4000 mAh one which is kind of a surprise for us. It won’t be that big though as this is clearly hopeful projection. The Korean media is also reporting that the Samsung Galaxy SV will come with a 16 MP camera, which will unfortunately not hat Optical Image Stabilization. This means that the Samsung Galaxy SV may have a good camera, it won’t be the best one on the market. We will remind you once again that these are just rumors and nothing is confirmed as of yet. But given that that in the past the rumors have turned onto the actual facts, we are inclined to at least keep you in the loop. Be prepared to read more rumors and leaks about the Samsung Galaxy SV in the near future.

Source: Webtrek and etnews

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