Samsung Galaxy Tab3 Lite announced

Samsung Galaxy Tab3 Lite

Samsung has announced their new budget offering called the Samsung Galaxy Tab3 Lite. Even the name suggests that we have a budget tablet on our hands as “lite” is not usually used with flagship devices. That being said, it is a good move from Samsung as others have been slowly creeping up the budget market. The Samsung Galaxy Tab3 Lite will definitely be attractive to those who want a familiar brand but at an affordable price.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab3 Lite comes with a 7 inch screen and has WSVGA resolution. The 7 inch screen has 1024 x 600 pixels and it is not that bad for a budget tablet. There is also a 1.2 GHz dual core processor inside the tablet but it is of unknown origins. The tablet comes with 1 GB of RAM and only 8 GB of internal storage. An obligatory microSD card slot is also included on the Samsung Galaxy Tab3 Lite as it is a budget tablet. The tablet is powered by a 3600 mAh battery which might work just find as both the screen and the processor are not that taxing.\

Samsung Galaxy Tab3 Lite

The Samsung Galaxy Tab3 Lite will also come with a 2 MP camera on the back and a front facing camera too. The tablet will have WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS and USB 2.0 which seems to good budget connectivity options. There will also be a 3G version of the tablet. The tablet will run on Android 4.2 Jelly Bean which is kind of outdated now. The tablet will be a bulky one coming at and weighing 310 grams. The price is yet to be announced but the Samsung Galaxy Tab3 Lite is rumored to carry a $130 price tag. The Samsung Galaxy Tab3 Lite will be a good offering if the rumored price is true. So what do you think about the Samsung Galaxy Tab3 Lite? Will it beat the specs and price offered by Chinese counterparts?

Source: Phone Arena

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  • Greg Gustin

    It’s funny to read this now. I have rooted and modded so many devices now. The only reason I found the generic Chinese tab.let difficult to root was I didn’t have a clue what I was doing. Despite a BA in computers and decades of experience, I never learned Linux. I live in
    WA State, home of the manufacturers of one of the worst OS s in history yet the best selling.

    I rooted the old sm-t350, installed custom roms, modded it and took it about as far as one can a dual core Sammy. I still have it but the digitizer is broken and I”m not sure it’s worth the $40 to fix it.

    And though I repair devices, root, jailbreak and bypass FRP on many, one crack at a screen replacement on an LG Leon convinced me:

    I DON’T DO SCREENS. With some exceptions on models where the digitizer isn’t bonded to the LCD..

    My last/ current project is an old Moto Droid Bionic. Now THAT was the toughest phone I’ve done to date. both soft and hard bricked it, then resurrected it from the dead, installed Android 6 on a CM13 ROM (don’t bother, great ROM but processor can’t keep up. Very laggy. Though a stock modded rom runs great..

    I’m always open to new challenges and live by the old devs creed of open sharing, open mind, open source. (I still can’t figure why people shell out huge $$ for commercial software when there are usually better, more stable, and FREE alternatives (but please remember to donate to the hard working, under (or not) paid devs that write all the great apps and software.

  • Greg Gustin

    Anybody rooted one of these yet? Just got one and I’ve only rooted one pipo s1 b4. That was tough.

    • Bilawal Bashir

      I think it has been rooted. Will ask the in house rooting guy to see if we have a guide or not 🙂