Samsung is aware of Galaxy S3’s Sudden Death problem

Samsung-Galaxy-S3-Battery-microSDA little while ago, probably mid-December we reported the Galaxy S3’s tendency to suddenly die. The issue at hand was rather horrific and quite impactful. Many users were falling victim to the epidemic termed as the Sudden Death Syndrome. Users who were hit with the glitch were reporting that their devices went dead for no apparent reason. Some were saying that the device went cold while they peacefully slept; some were associating the problem with faulty chargers. We scanned the XDA forums for a possible fix and were failing to retrieve one. And to put insult to injury we were also unable to pin point the exact location from where the SDS (sudden death syndrome) was originating.

The blurriness of the issue led many of us to believe that is something seriously wrong with the physical hardware of the Galaxy S3. Which concluded on the morbid and hopeless possibility the smartphone cannot be fixed by a software patch. This is true as we rarely see companies repair a physical anomaly unless the device was under warranty. Fortunately might be a probable solution, and it will be an official one. reported earlier today that Samsung has acknowledged the Sudden Death problem and is working on a fix. A Samsung representative has reportedly confirmed that the horrifying issue is not fiction; also he stated that the sudden death is occurring among the 16 GB models of Samsung galaxy S3. We also happen to notice that the international versions of the Galaxy S3 (the quad core, 1 GB RAM ones) are experiencing the SDS more frequently. Apparently the US branded Galaxy S3’s are safe from the overnight death. The representative also said that a firmware update is likely on its way and will take care of the issue. We still don’t know when the fix will be available but as soon as it arrives we will let you know. Until then play with your Galaxy S3 and take some photos of it too, just in case.

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