Samsung Teases Apple in their Latest Wireless Charging Ad


For those of you who missed it, Apple unveiled their latest iPhone 6S series a few days back. The phone was nothing spectacular to speak of and quite frankly had somewhat mediocre specs and features compared to what other OEMs have been offering for some years now. It didn’t really take long for Android giants to take to social media to remind people how the iPhone was offering nothing new or better, compared to their devices. Companies like Sony, Samsung and Huawei all got their jabs in via Twitter and other notable social media websites and incited quite a few arguments as a result.

Apparently all those lighthearted jabs weren’t enough for Samsung who decided to poke Apple a bit more with their latest ad featuring their wireless charging feature. The ad simply goes on to display Samsung’s recent flagship’s ability to be charged wirelessly by having them placed on a magnetic pod, to derive the point home to its audiences, it is in between the cuts of the Note 5 and Edge 6 that an iPhone is also placed on the pod. Needless to say, the iPhone does nothing as it is something that Apple hasn’t copied or “Made Better” yet. For those of you who’re interested, the full ad can be seen below.

The ad has gotten quite a mixed review from people. While some took it in the lighthearted yet somewhat mean spirit it was meant in and shook it off with a smile. There was undoubtedly a minority of people who went on to say that the ad was somewhat unprofessional and lacked a certain class one expects from rival companies.

If you’re wondering, Apple is yet to make an official response to the video and have done a marvelous job ignoring its existence just like how they ignored Steve Job’s thoughts about Styluses or the existence of air gestures.

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