Samsung thinking to go head to head against Google?

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As of right now, most people have always attributed everything about Android by talking about the results from a Samsung device. While this isn’t really that bad of an estimate of the operating system’s power, it certainly isn’t the full story. However, that’s something that Apple and Windows users fail to see. That being said, it looks like that Android and Samsung partnership might finally be coming to an end as in an article by Forbes, it was revealed that Samsung will allow its users to download a beta version of Nokia Here Maps in October right about when the new Galaxy Gear S hits the markets.

Of course, to all of us who stay up to date with Android this isn’t really something new as Samsung has slowly been trying to phase out Android out of its systems for quite some time. The first major move on the OEMs part was the replacement of Android Wear with Tizen, a homebrewed Linux Based OS from Samsung. The move to replace Google Maps is apparently the next step in the OEMs evolution to entirely end its relation with Google and finally be able to put their own variants of the Play Store, Browser, and Messenger Apps etc. rather than using the standard Google based apps in their devices to increase their revenue production.

As of this moment we’re unsure how successful Samsung’s endeavor would be and what, if anything, would Google do to prevent Samsung from breaking up their successful marriage. But, in our humble opinion, Google just might let Samsung go as the major OEM is slowly but surely losing its market grip to Chinese based OEMs such as Xiaomi, Oppo etc. and it won’t really be a long time till these devices find their way across the oceans and into the deals of major service providers in Europe and Americas.

We don’t really know that how this whole thing will play out but if you’re somewhat of an Android lover and have a Samsung device, I guess it would be a time to start considering your preferences as you just might have to choose between your favorite software and OEM in the coming year or so.

Sources: Forbes, CNN

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