Samsung to Introduce a Leasing Program


In latest reports coming from Forbes, it seems that Samsung is interested in coming out with their own version of a leasing program for their Galaxy series. The leasing program is said to be somewhat similar to Apple’s program and will allow users to get their latest flagship devices by paying an affordable monthly amount.

Personally, this is one of Apple’s features that we don’t mind Samsung copying as Apple undoubtedly has a great leasing program for their consumers. The program starts as low as $32 and also provides the users to upgrade their fully unlocked phone yearly if they wish to. However, that is where we must ask Samsung to draw the line in terms of copying Apple as we surely don’t want an overpriced, technologically inferior device.

This is a great move on Samsung’s part as this will allow them to reach a wider market of consumers. No other details have been released about the program but it is speculated that the OEM might consider incorporating a yearly option to upgrade their phone, just like Apple’s aforementioned program, as well.

If true, this is indeed great news for local consumers as this will provide people with an affordable way to get SIM unlocked Samsung flagship devices without having to deal with lengthy carrier plans. This is also amazing news in terms of the device’s after market development as now most of us won’t be forced to deal with extra security from the likes of AT&T or Verizon, both of whom are infamous for providing devices which are exceptionally hard to root.

No other details concerning pricing or the time limit of the contract were disclosed by Samsung. For now, we can only speculate what other features the OEM would be willing to offer with their lease contract but we do think that it will include extended warranty as well.

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