Samsung wants us to be ready for something at CES

There is very little time left for the CES to start, with only a month left to go the excitement and anticipation is on the peek for the event. The event which is going to take place in Las Vegas has always been associated with high profile launches and unveils. A few years back the even was clustered with devices touting dual core processors and LTE technology, exciting times. But the recent trend which Apple and Samsung have started by launching/revealing their devices in separate events has seen less and less action in the recent expos.

Right now we are not sure what kind of electronic wizardry we might get to witness on the grand event. This frankly is half the charm and the reason to show up there, after all who would go when we already know what’s in store? Although some companies are rumored to be showing off some kind of new device, we can’t be a hundred percent sure that they will. A Facebook branded phone made by HTC is hot in the rumors these days. Sony announcing that they will be releasing a phone which will rival the iPhone 5 and Samsung’s S3. Microsoft might be looking into a Surface smartphone but like we said we are not so sure about their intentions to show their devices on CES.

Samsung on the other hand is already getting us excited by telling us to “Get ready” because they are going to show us “something new”. A point to remember is that the Korean company doesn’t only produce smartphones and tablets. They make a slew of Televisions, cameras and different appliances. Hence we will be awfully disappointed to see Samsung launching a new series of egg-beaters. We will keep you posted if Uncle Sammy decides to share some more juicy details with us.

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