Say Hello to A Super-Thin Smartphone from Huawei – the P6-U06

logo-huaweiHuawei has been pushing themselves since the beginning of 2013, churning out handset after handset, across a wide range of display sizes, specs and price points. It would appear that Huawei is in a tearing hurry to become the next Samsung! Well, at least they have got the approach right – Flood the market with a variety of devices and make sure that there is a device out there for every conceivable need.

This time around, Huawei is in the news again for another new handset, which could well be classified as slimmer than slim, or thin, if it pleases you. The Chinese manufacturer recently submitted their latest product to the Telecommunication Equipment Certification Center MIIT, which is essentially the Chinese equivalent of the FCC. And initial reports indicate that the handset is indeed super slim. There is no name for the handset as yet, just a code name РP6-U06, and the leaked documents from the certification body indicate that this fella comes in at a mere 6.18mm thickness. Thin-ness, actually, would be the right term to use. While we have seen and heard of various super-slim phones in the past, 6.18mm is super incredible by any standard.


The Huawei P6 could have well been the slimmest handset in the world, but for the Oppo R809T, another super slim handset from Oppo, again fro China which clocks in at just 6.13mm! At a difference of just 0.05mm, the Huawei P6 certainly comes very, very close, and in real-life usage, one would hardly be able to tell the difference.


What makes this device interesting is not just the 6.18mm frame, but the fact that Huawei has managed to pack into this device a 4.7 inch 720p display (Looks like Huawei has realized that Bigger is not necessarily better every time) , Quad-Core 1.5GHz processor of a yet unknown make, 2GB of RAM, dual SIM card slots, and Android 4.1.2 out of the box. Pretty much a device which bridges the gap between mid-range and high-end.

Given the controversies Huawei has been embroiled with in the United States, it might be a far stretch to expect to see the P6 stateside, but it sure does look like an attractive device. And 4.7 inches certainly makes it quite pocketable too. What are your thoughts? We’d love to hear your comments on these new devices which keep coming out every other day from China.

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