Sony Honami 20 MP camera and UI shown in system dump


Man this Sony Honami smartphone is really something. It is tempting and attention grabbing, shows up every day in new rumors and makes us lust after it. It is great that I waited for the next big thing before purchasing the Galaxy S4 because the Sony Honami is seemingly great. Today we have yet another leak about the Sony Honami; this time around we get to see the software side of the much awaited smartphone instead of the usual hardware shots.

A recent leaked system dump has made it possible for the Sony Honami’s UI screenshots to be shown here. The system dump also gave us some valuable insight about some of the rumored specs of the smartphone, namely the heavy camera and the undated UI. The Sony Honami will feature a new user interface including a revamped launcher, a new app drawer and quite a few apps. There is a latest version Small Apps which basically allows you to run multiple apps simultaneously on the screen at any time.

There is also a new keyboard which makes the changes more practical rather than aesthetic ones. The Walkman app seems to have Music Unlimited integration now, which we are sure many fans will appreciate. The rumored 20 MP camera with 4K resolution video recording is also confirmed with a read through of the phone’s build prop, which also signifies a bunch of other features. The screen shit at the top shows the new Augmented Reality modes which can be used via the camera app. Well the Sony Honami is definitely one of the most intriguing devices. It is rumored to pack the Qualcomm 800 processor along with 2 GB of RAM which makes it a very desirable smartphone. We will be keeping you posted.

Source: Xperia Blog via XDA

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