Sony Honami camera may not have a large sensor


The next rumored flagship smartphhone from Sony, the Sony Honami (Sony i1 Honami if you may) is shaping up to be on hell of a smartphone. There are rumores about that device on daily bases, some are great while some are a bit discouraging. Today we have a new rumor which is giving somedetails regaring thecamera used on the Sony Honami smartphon.

The new rumor says that that the Sony Honami will feature a 20 megapixel camera with f/2.0 and 5mm focal leangth. There is likely to be a Xenon flahs and the ISO could go as high as 1600. The image resultion will be around 5248 x3936. While this is all great the real downer is the sensor size. Previousy it was rumored that the Sony Honami will feature a sensor rivaling that of the Nokia Lumia 1020. But it seems that might not be the case now. Instead of getting a ⅔ sensor like lumia, the Sony Honami will have a rathar smaller ½.3’’ one.

So what does it mean? A smaller sensor means that the camera will have less exposure to light and will probably take less ammount of light in. This results in poor low light performance as well as ghosting effects and grainy pictures. The camera wil wotk with BIONZ image porcessing engine that will be drived by Qualcoom Krait processor. This arangement however will only be avaiable via the CyberShot camera application. Here is what the souce has to say about the Sony Honami Camera:

“now based on the early sample image that I saw, full res output @ISO100 reveals lots of detail comparable (take note, not better or anything superior) with the old RX100 with minimal loss of detail at ISO400, though at ISO800 and 1600 the image is flooded with Luminance and chroma noise with visible color blotches plaguing the image but someof the small details that I’ve seen visible with the ISO400 sample are preserved, bokeh effect is virtually similar to 1020’s. as you guys would know, I posted my thoughts on Honami’s ISO1600 performance relative to RX100’s on the previous page before I got my hands on the sample, but now I have to say that RX100 @ISO1600+ is virtually untouchable at any rate. I can’t comment on how it fares against 1020, but think they’ll be neck and neck when comparing their full resolution outputs. one more thing, the samples exhibited some corners softening but barrel distortion is handled pretty well (could be due to image processor just like how it’s usually corrected on compact cameras).

Now compared with all smartphone cameras available 808/1020s aside, Honami’s camera performance will wipe the competition including S4 zoom and the old Galaxy Camera IMHO. but I advice we keep our expectations low, 1020’s biggest weapon is the oversampling, and I think Sony has nothing to counter against that, so the competition boils down on which camera delivers better per pixel detail at full resolution. and as of this moment, I’m not sure who’s got the upper hand to be honest. besides the sample images that I’ve seen with my eyes are based on pre production software, so we can’t rule out the possibility that the JPEG engine will be better.”

This is quite an interesting development. Although the sensor might not be what we were expecting, the Sony Honami Camera is still looking quite great. Only time will tell if Sony is able to deliver on this.

Source: Phone Arena

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