Sony Honami to have an impressive Cyber-Shot camera

Sony Honami

We have reported about the Sony Honami a couple of times but new information is leaking on a daily basis. If the rumors are true we are looking at a truly remarkable device. The Sony Honami is going to be the “One Sony” smartphone to rule them all; I can go as far as to say that it might beat the Galaxy S4 too. The device is rumored to be in the works and it said to be releasing later this year. If the Sony Honami is anywhere near the build quality of Xperia Z, this just might be the most attractive and powerful smartphone of this year.

VR-Zone says that “every department of Sony and not just Sony Mobile” are working on making the smartphone and it is supposed to bring some amazing camera features. Well if the Sony’s camera division of full at work on the camera component of the Sony Honami, we have no doubt that the smartphone will have amazing features. The Sony Honami would sport a Sony ½.6’’ Exmor RS stacked sensor, Cyber-Shot G Lens which will be made of glass and of premium grade and a Xenon or Dual LED flash. The flash is supposed to be 10 times brighter than any other flash featured on smartphones. The sensor will only be second no Nokia’s Pureview 808 and will be better than every mobile there is even beating the Galaxy Camera. Here are some new features of the smartphone:

  • All new image processing algorithm, similar to Sony’s Cyber-shot digital cameras
  • Completely revamped camera UI, software goodies from Cyber-shot digital cameras of 2013
  • Superior Auto Scene Recognition, an improvement over the Superior Auto mode found in the Xperia Z/ZL

Other than that we are looking at a powerhouse smartphone, 5 inch full HD screen, 2.3 GHz quad core Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 and Adreno 330 graphics. There will be 2 GB of RAM and 2700-3000 mAh battery in the Sony Honami. We are excited about the smartphone, are you?

Source: VR Zone

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