Sony Sirius D6503 new info leaks

Sony Sirius D6503We are always excited about Sony smartphones and same goes for Sony Sirius D6503, a smartphone which as seen it fair share of leaks and rumors. The latest leak paints a new comparison picture Sony Sirius D6503 has with Sony Xperia Z1. For one the Sony Sirius D6503will run a 5.2 inch display but there are definitely some improvements over last year’s flagship.

Sony Sirius D6503 is expected to launch at Mobile World Congress later this month and is expected to bring a 5.2 inch screen. The latest rumor suggest that the smartphone will also come with an IPS panel, this means that the screen quality will drastically increase. The smartphone is also rumored to come with 3 GB of RAM and Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor. The Sony Sirius D6503 will also have the mandatory 16 GB of storage space on board.

We also know that the Sony Sirius D6503 will ship with a 20 MP camera which will be capable of recording 4K video. The smartphone also comes with a 15.5 MP manual camera mode which can capture 1080p full HD video at 60 frames per second. To be honest, nothing is confirmed at this point but the rumors are suggesting that Sony Sirius D6503 will be one hell of a smartphone. A leaked screen shot revealed that the phone will have extremely thin side bezels, yes even thinner than the stellar LG G2 smartphone. If Sony manages to pack all these top end specs with an improved screen, the Sony Sirius D6503 will be a worthy contender to this year’s flagship smartphones. We will know for sure after there is something more substantial to grasp at. We will definitely keep an eye on the Sony Sirius D6503 as it is a really interesting device and get back to you after there is more info.

Source: Phone Arena

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