Sony Xperia S39h leaked, has some style

Sony Xperia S39hSony might be prepping up another mid-range smartphone to come into the fray as a mysterious Sony Xperia S39h was spotted chilling on the web. But all we have are a bunch of images to go on, there is nothing else given about the Sony Xperia S39h. There are no specs, size, measurements, weight, price or availability details as of yet. So from here on out we will be discussing the physical features, along with our opinioned insight regarding the Sony Xperia S39h and there will be a healthy dose of speculation. You have been warned about not trusting what we say whole heartedly.

The leaked Sony Xperia S39h has a long shape and a larger display, which we are assuming is bigger than the 4.3 inch display found on the Xperia L and yet it seems a bit smaller than the flagship Xperia Z’s 5 inch size. We are thinking about 4.7 inches, but yet again this is only our judgment. The smartphone however has rather thick bezels, which were dominant on older Sony Xperia smartphones. This indicated that the Sony Xperia S39h might not be a high end device, rather a mid-ranged one.

Sony’s logo is clearly visible both on the front and the back of the smartphone, so it might have passed the initial prototype stage. The white colored chassis seems to be made out of plastic, but we can’t be 100% sure about that. Although this gloss can only be replicated on non-metal materials so we are going to leap ahead and guess it’s some type of plastic. Then again plastic might be the economical choice if the Sony Xperia S39h is indeed a mid-range device. We can spot dual front speakers, if they are indeed speakers but there is a rather large grill on the backside which is making us confused. So the speaker is on the back and what is that on the front bottom of Sony Xperia S39h? It might be a microphone?

Anyways head to the source link to gander at more pictures of the Sony Xperia S39h.

Source: Xperia Blog

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