Sony Xperia SP seen before MWC

Sony Xperia SPSome new images have popped on the digital landscape called the internet today, showing what the Sony Xperia SP along with its little sibling the Sony Xperia V. It has become customary for each and every device to pop up sometime before its leak, in today’s world there are not best kept secrets. The Sony Xperia SP is shaping up to be a mid-ranged device while the Sony Xperia Sony Xperia SP might be a budget offering from Sony.

Last month the company announced the rather impressive Sony Xperia Z, it truly captured my heart. While the Xperia Z was announced at the CES 2013, the Japanese manufacturer is looking to make the Sony Xperia SP the star of Mobile World Congress 2013. The alleged pictures of the Sony Xperia SP and Xperia V were published by a German site called Android Hilfe. If the snaps are to be trusted, the Sony Xperia SP will look a lot like the previously announced Sony Xperia Z.

However the Sony Xperia SP may not be standing long the Xperia Z when it comes it internal specs. According to the report hailing from the German site, the Sony Xperia SP will be running a 1.7 Dual Core processor. The smartphone will also have a 720p display. It may be less than the flagship smartphone from Sony, but it is not a far cry from the full HD Quad Core Xperia Z. The pictures also show that the Sony Xperia SP is running Android version 4.1.2 and its model number is C5303.

The Sony Xperia SP also seems to have a microSD card slot, which may come in handy as mid ranged devices usually don’t have ample in board storage. The battery however will be locked in the chassis of the smartphone; well you can’t have everything they say. The smartphone, if it’s not a myth will probably be show at the MWC and we will be there to report our findings.

Source: Android Hilfe

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