Speculation: Motorola Droid X1 to be announced on 4th of July, comes in 12 colors

Babam! In a new announcement today Motorola has announced that they will be announcing a new smartphone. No names or specs were given; no solid info was provided (but we call it Motorola Droid X1) therefore we the Android Junkies will become Sherdroid Holmes and launch a full scale investigation. Check out the long poster ad first and then continue onwards for some spicy speculations.


As you can clearly see this ad was only meant for Americans, unless you usually eat burgers, watch fireworks and celebrate the freedom of gay rights or something on a typical Thursday. The ad says that they will be bringing us something new, something which will be fully manufactured in the U.S.A! This rings 50 shades of red alarms in my head. They also say you can design this smartphone yourself because of the 4th of July thingy and it will be as unique and beautiful as you are. It’s a shame though, I have been getting a bit chubby lately, and will this mean that I get a phone with large battery uncle Moto?

Made in the US of A

Meaning without the cheap labor of our beloved Asians the prices will likely hike. Yeah so it will be interesting to see the Motorola Droid X1 launching at a competitive price, unless the specs are downright stupid.

It will be called the Motorola Droid X1

Well look at this exciting couple:


It is clearly suggesting the name of the smartphone which will be Motorola Droid X1. I mean how can a jackass like this guy get to dive with an Olympic swimmer?

It will have 12 colors


Count the colors on the new rainbow logo of Motorola, Says Dora. Go ahead we will wait. So 12 colors, is this a coincidence? We say not!

P.S: We may be insanely wrong about the Motorola Droid X1 so please don’t believe this

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