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Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 – A Handy Tablet

Lenovo has made some right moves when it comes to Android smartphones but we have yet to see a truly impressive tablet from the manufacturer. Their latest crop of Android tablets include the unique Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 , an 8 inch tablet which has a very different design than we are used to. So how does the tablet compare ...

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Galaxy Note 8.0 officially launches

After being subjected to countless leaks, rumors and photos the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 has been officially announced by Samsung. In an announcement earlier today, the Korean manufacturer announced that it will be launching the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 soon. Apparently Samsung thinks it is way too cool to launch devices on major electronic events. As you might know that ...

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Galaxy Note 8 coming to MWC, confirmed by Samsung Chief

It has been quite some time that the internet is abuzz with rumors of a Galaxy Note 8 tablet. Even few days back we came across some juicy details about the device and today we have a somewhat solid confirmation that the Galaxy Note 8 does exists. His came from the Chief of mobile at Samsung, so there is no ...

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