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Review: Glimmer – A Luminous Alarm Clock App

Waking up on time for work in the morning can be quite a bit of a daunting task for some people, which is why there are just so many different alarm apps available in the Play Store. While some apps just function as a normal alarm clock, there are a few that manage to stand out from the crowd. The ...

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Review: SpinMe Alarm Clock – Wake up and Spin!

Waking up on time can be a bit of problem for most people and that’s exactly why alarm apps are very popular on the Play Store. Every app has something different to offer and tries to bring some new, crazy way to ensure that you’re not turning off the alarm in your sleep. While some of the ways such as ...

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Review: Puzzle Alarm Clock – Time to wake up!

I don’t know what exactly it is but I really am not a morning person. I hate the thought of having to get up early in the morning at a specific time but fortunately enough I am a light sleeper so usually a single alarm is enough to push me out of bed. However, I do realize that not everyone ...

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