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How to flash TWRP Custom Recovery to Moto X

One of the devices which failed to live up to the hype it had created had to be the Moto X. While the device itself wasn’t that bad to speak of, let’s face it we were hoping for something better than to be just able to customize how the device looks by a bit. That being said, there were many ...

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Leaked Images of Moto X+1 from @evleaks

For anyone who reads Android news on a regular basis the name @evleaks shouldn’t really be something new as the infamous Twitter account did manage to leak out the specs and images of various images before they were officially launched. The account saw so much success that it even forced Google to make an official statement about the Nexus series after ...

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How to flash a custom kernel into your Motorola Defy Mini

Before Motorola decided to turn good, it had a very weird policy about preventing people from unlocking the bootloaders of their devices. Perhaps that is why we often see successful devices such as Motorola Defy Mini which despite their popularity have little or no development threads anywhere on the internet. Of course, this has led to many problems such as ...

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