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How to Fix Odin Downloader Has Stopped Working Error

I think by this point in time, we have firmly established that Odin is not really the perfect flashing software as it comes with its fair share of errors and headaches. Of course, almost all of those errors are easily solvable provided you understand exactly why the error is occurring. We did somewhat of a comprehensive guide on most of ...

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Rumor has it – Sony Yuga may be released as the Xperia Z, along with the Xperia X formerly codenamed Odin

Well, well, well!  That awesome looking 5-inch 1080p display beast codenamed the Xperia Yuga, which showed up in its full glory, with pictures and a detailed review at Mobile Review, a Russian website,could finally have an official name. Word has it that what we have come to know as the Sony Xperia Yuga will officially be released as the Xperia Z. ...

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