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Review: Jelly Jump – The Delicious Jelly

There are not many ways you can remake Doodle Jump and make the game appealing. However Jelly Jump is a game which not only achieves the same level of interactive fun but also make the game visually interesting. The basic premise is simple, tap on the screen so the jelly can jump up to a higher platform. But the way ...

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Review: Skyward – The Circling Challenge

I like games which are easy to get and provide hours of challenging gameplay. Sure we can play toned down RPG games to the same effect but Skyward combines the ease of use with competitive gameplay really well. Skyward is not a unique game because we have seen a lot of games share the same concept, tap a button to ...

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Review: Spring Ninja – The Hardest Flappy Bird

This week we have been tackling games like Flappy Bird which are easy to pick up but hard to put down. However Spring Ninja is one of the most frustrating games I have played in a long while. You thing Flappy Bird is tough as nails? You haven’t even tried to play Spring Ninja. If the game came out on ...

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