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Review: QWOP – Time to get frustrated all over again

Ever wondered what it would be like if you ever have to learn how to walk all over again? Well for players of the famous QWOP game, that’s a question that really strikes a nerve. I mean wasn’t the agony of falling down over and over again not enough that Noodlecakes decided that it was time people failed at running ...

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Review: Shoot Many Robots comes to Android

We are great fans of Shoot Many Robots on the Xbox and Steam. The game was homage to the old school double player shooters like Contra and provided with ample opportunities of fun. The major charm of Shoot Many Robots on PC and consoles was the ability to find random loot and upgrade your characters as you progress. Alas Shoot ...

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Temple Run 2 Review

Perhaps the most popular free game available on the mobile platform, Temple Run now has a sequel called Temple Run 2 (yeah). With around 170 million downloads the game cemented its success in that spectacular way that non other could do, perhaps Angry Birds franchise. The first game was addictive, fun and left you craving for more. I can’t remember ...

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