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How to root Galaxy Gear

Samsung Galaxy Gear is one of the top smartest watches that are available in the market today. While we do rant about it every now and then here at Android Junkies, we do recognize the fact that the overly priced wrist wear has in doubt pushed Android developers to think outside of the box. A prime example of its accomplishment ...

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How to flash a custom ROM in your Galaxy Gear

Owning a Galaxy Note 3 has many perks but in my view the thing which really set it apart from its predecessors had to be the introduction of Galaxy Gear. Now, I know the concept of a smart watch is something very old but just the sheer thought of owning a watch that runs on Android is a reward in ...

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Rumor roundup: Samsung Galaxy Gear

Samsung Galaxy Gear is a smart watch which will latch to your wrist and provide you with invaluable information. The Samsung Galaxy Gear will be able to show you messages, emails and what not and will probably be attached to your smartphone for all the data showing needs. It will also make you a highlighted target of muggers if you ...

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