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Facebook Whatsapp married for $16 billion

Facebook has acquired Whatsapp for a cool bundle of cash. This is right folks; the social network giant has bought the booming chat and text app for a nice $16 billion dollars. Take it in for a minute. Now that you have gotten over the fact that an app can be sold for this much, consider this, Facebook also gave ...

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Whatsapp bring voice messages to its users

Whatsapp is among the planet’s most used cross platform messaging app at this very moment. With more than 300 million users utilizing its services on a daily basis, the messaging giant shows no signs of slowing down as they have just announced the addition of another great feature to their app. The new feature called push-to-talk will now allow users ...

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Google Buying Whatsapp for $1 Billion?

There is no denying the fact that Whatsapp is one of the most popular, and perhaps THE most popular cross-platform messaging service to have emerged in recent years. The advent of smartphones has added to the increasing popularity of this application, not to mention the fact hat it works seamlessly across all the major mobile platforms that exist in the ...

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