Take a look at Samsung Galaxy S5 box

Rear-box-Samsung-Galaxy-S5What do we have here today? A Samsung Galaxy S5 box! That is right folks; a box claiming to belong to the upcoming flagship smartphone from Samsung was spotted today. Although the image does seem quite legit, we have absolutely no way of knowing whether the box is actually authentic or not. As the picture comes from a relatively unknown source we have some doubts. So we recommend that you read the rest of the article, or take a look at the picture with a huge helping of salt.

The iconography and the style of Galaxy S5 box does seem consistent with what Samsung delivers. The Galaxy S5 box has the same design as the box in which Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Note 3 came so even if it is a fake, we have to give it 8 for effort. But there is no RAM icon in the Samsung Galaxy S4 box and there is a S-Pen icon on the Note 3 one so it might as well be taking elements from both of the boxes. To be honest, the Galaxy S5 box does look a bit on the authentic side, but then again we have been fooled too many times to fall for that.

The Galaxy S5 box clearly states that the smartphone will come with a 5.25 inch screen boasting a QHD resolution. The smartphone will also have a 3000 mAh battery along with a 20 MP camera. The 20 MP camera comes off as a surprise as previous rumors suggested at a 16 MP one on the smartphone. Keen eyed users will also notice that the “2” in the 20 is not bold on the Galaxy S5 box whereas on the Galaxy S4 “1” from 13 MP was bolded. Anyway there will also be a 2.5 GHz quad core processor and 3 GB of RAM on the smartphone.

What do you think about this latest leak?

Source: samsunggalaxys5

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