Users Will Soon be Able to Use Facebook Offline


Facebook has evolved to far more than a place to socialize with people over the past few years. Now a days, the website is used by corporations, small businesses and individuals alike for various purposes. This diversity of demographics has undoubtedly made Facebook one of the must have apps on any smart phone and with each update, the developers try their best to increase user experience while trying to maximize the amount of time people spend in the app. In such a step, it seems like Facebook is now testing out feature which will allow users to use limited amount of Facebook offline.

The offline Facebook function essentially will allow the app to download news stories while a user has internet access and prioritize the unread stories to the top of the users newsfeed in the absence of an internet connection. This feature also will allow users to post comments on those stories which will be visible to other people once the device connects back to the internet. Users will also be able to post status and profile updates using the same principle as well.

To be concise, this feature will allow the Facebook app to continuously display a stream of stories to the user instead of the usual white screen most of them are used to of staring at in the absence of online connectivity. Not only will this maximze the time users spend on the website this also will help the company rack in more ad revenue. But to be honest at this point it’s not really something any of us really cares about. I say this because from a user’s perspective this is truly an amazing feature especially for people with limited data usage plans.

As of now, this feature is still in its Beta phase but we do expect a global roll out sometime later this month. Do tell us what do you think about this feature and whether if this will increase the time you spend on Facebook or not.

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